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Eco-Friendly Product Range

We have the perfect eco-friendly lead free

replacement products for traditional torch-on coating

Advanced Waterproofing Solutions

Sealtek is an advanced coatings technology company that operates Nationwide.


We manufacture and supply top-quality eco-friendly paints and coatings to contractors and retailers alike.

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Our Products

SealTek has developed a wide range of waterproof coatings, paint coatings and speciality coatings. We are constantly researching new technologies and developing better products. Please contact us for your specific coating product requirements

  • Manufacturing

  • Application

  • Project Management

  • Asbestos Seal

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We also have a specialised team of experts applying the floor screeds and repairing factory floors. Thus your factory floor can be repaired in a matter of days with no need to supply your own product. We will supply all the products you need with our experts working and measuring the correct amounts of goods needed for the construction job.

With all these services we offer, why would you still want to use a different company?

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